Salary Surveys

For 38 years we have been elaborating Salary and Benefit Surveys for the industry, commerce and services, financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and NGOs, which involve the principal companies and organizations in each division.

We periodically elaborate the following surveys:

General salaries and benefits survey for industry, commerce and services, which is published in June and December of each year.

General salaries and benefits survey for financial institutions, which is published at the end of each year.

Specific surveys for different segments, NGO's, mills, electricity generators, etc.

We have more than 100 participating companies and evaluate 160 positions in all hierarchic levels; we also evaluate by point system 30 standard positions of the sample.


By acquiring and participating in our salary survey system, you will obtain the following:

Results of wage market curve. Participating companies are compared to the curve of resulting market with graphics of the evaluation according to type of positions.

Contains organizational charts of the positions, general-purpose table, Overall results according to the groups or resulting segments.

Information by positions, individual tabulation by position for each participating company/entity who can compare their salaries with the rest of the participants. Includes the standard description of the functions inherent in the position and the summary table.

Analysis of growth, increase and salary projection, benefits granted by the company in a tabular and descriptive form.

Information about the benefits granted to each position of CEO and first and second line managers.

Information about the benefits granted to each selected position of marketing and sales department.

In addition:You will receive automated software of salary survey, created by PCA, which will allow you to: view the results of the survey and create your own "special samples". Questions via Internet:By allocation of a user code, consultations on the reports of the survey can be done, as well as the downloading of special sampling software via Internet 24 hours around the clock. As part of our innovative service, the customer can consult information needed via Internet on the web page

At the beginning of every year we also publish a report that includes statistical data of salaries and its behavior in the last five years previous to the report of the current year to predict the salary behavior for the next year.

Position and Salary Survey

It consists on establishing by technical analysis of functions and responsibilities of each position to be able to establish internal and external equity in salary terms of each position according to the nature of the organization.

Analysis and evaluation of positions, elaboration of administration manuals, which includes organizational charts, profiles of the effectiveness of positions (with their respective indicators, skills, career planning), regulations, etc.

Elaboration of specific salary scales for each company or institution according to the nature of the business. Establishing the internal and external equity of the positions in salary terms.

Position Valuation

Position valuation is a procedure that provides information about the value or specific "weight" that a particular position has, which is fundamental at the moment of determining remuneration.

To make a position valuation, the information provided is necessary by Job Position Analysis. If we do not know what the tasks of a job are, how can we determine its value?


Position valuation is the starting point for the design of variable compensations, remuneration based on performance and achievement of goals. The method of position valuation is what is known as a method of points, in which we attach the PCA scores according to the minimum requirements for each position, education, experience, economic responsibility, environment, etc.

Organizational Climate

Tool used to assess or diagnose climate and organizational culture, determining satisfaction levels and dissatisfaction areas of the staff, in order to design plans to ensure an improvement of the organizational culture that impact in the organizational performance.


To do this, the Firm has Strategylink system, specialized in human capital management and strategy, which allows the desired agility to obtain results and plans for improvement.


The system is in the capacity of:

Parameterize questions with purpose that surveyed people could document causes, to help in the analysis and implementation of improvements.

Ensure the confidentiality of the information.

Provide information that allows performance of different types of analysis segmented, according to areas of organizational interest.

Focus Group

Derived from the results of evaluation of organizational climate, focus group allows deepen in causes of certain problems and situations that may occur in specific areas.

With diagrams of affinity it is sought to identify the causes and solutions applicable to each case, establishing alternatives and criteria to implement for improvement or eradication of each raised situation.

Evaluation of Technical and Behavioral Competencies

Tool used to achieve measurement of technical or behavioral competencies of all the staff, by defining competency catalog oriented to the organizational strategy, using methods of measurement as 180°, 360° and measurements or technical assessments, aimed to achieve an alignment of high performance.



The system is in the capacity of:

Generate the SWOT analysis to each assessed.

Identifies in which behavior(s) presents deficiencies y in which strengths.

Allows the evaluated to compare his/her perception to that of the evaluators, on the behavior previously established.

Allows to compare the results for self-evaluation versus family positions to which it belongs.

Provides necessary tools to make a feedback of results.

Derived from assessment of competencies, training needs per employee are determined, based on their gaps of domain.

Competency Development

Its purpose is to make the personnel competent through development of technical and behavioral competencies using a theorical and practical methodology.

Collaborators do not exceed job expectations for two reasons and does not possess technical competencies (accounting, legislations, software, etc.) or behavioral competencies (leadership, empowerment, communication, effective time management, etc.).


The competencies are very important to achieve a high performance in the companies, it is very important because it forms one of the axis of 9 boxes.

Career Planes

Career plans design: This tool allows the design of individual progression routes, offering the employees of the organization the opportunity to be promoted, and the system identifies key employees by measuring knowledge and skills.

Nine boxes allows to make the mapping of the performance level of the collaborators, which determine the route of relevant career.


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