Personnel Recruiting

Recruitment and Selection in every organizational level

More than 38 years of experience.

A wide battery of psychometric tests.

Possess a wide and refined database.

Recruitment processes guaranteed.

Our firm specializes in recruiting and selecting candidates that not only meet the requirements of the vacancy, but anyone who has a high potential for performance and development.

Our processes are based on a platform of selection by competencies, through these tests you as an employer will know from the moment of recruitment which is the gap that the newly hired presents with regard to the minimum competencies required for the position.


Our purpose is to find the best candidate to occupy the vacancy of our customer, for that we:

Constantly update our database.

Investigate discreetly the information to which we have access, in order to in a sensitive manner keeping the professional interest of the people with whom we have contact.

Compare professional profile vacancy with regard to potential candidates.

Establish with certainty the interests of our customer and on with this in mind we begin the search for the ideal candidate. Considering professional and personal characteristics.

Improve delivery of content, template, and submission to withstand accessibly standards and content delivery at any destination.

Accomplish a more flexible and sustainable framework for components and extension developers.

Provide compatibility with previous versions of components, templates, modules and other extensions.


To establish guidance and orientation for the research of effective employment and placement of unemployed staff.

Our purpose is to positively reorient executives and personnel that are unlinked, redefining their professional horizons and generating an optimistic vision about their own future through a series of tools adaptable to each individual case, and help in the design of strategies to achieve new employment goals and help define potential employers.



To provide counsel and professional individual psychological support to overcome the critical situation that involves the unemployed.

To provide support to identify and stimulate the main skills that the person has.

To provide specific training to establish contact nets, design of Resumes, management interviews, market access channels, etc.

Psycometric Testing

The Tests that we apply provide us a diagnostic approach and gives us evidence for recommending our client the best candidate.

Our battery of tests verify the capability, skills and abilities of the candidate, this type of tests are accompanied by psychotechnical tests to determine vocations, inclinations and aspirations of the candidate.


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