Lean Six Sigma for Manufacturing and Services

This methodology is based on Lean tools with specific focus on:

Reducing time of a process.

Reducing costs through elimination of waste and everything that does not generate value.

And Six Sigma Tools that are focus on:

Improved quality of the product or service from origin.

Creating products or services increasingly efficient.

Standardizing procedures as what, how and when.

Measuring performance and productivity.

These two methodologies are complementary to each other, and generate a cultural display of high-performance organizations, where excellence is no longer a goal, but a daily habit.

Effectiveness Profile Design

Our firm elaborates position descriptors that are aligned to the strategy through contribution targets and KPI’s assigned to these.


Our descriptors besides having the traditional information, they also have the definition of their behavioral competencies (Organizational and of management) as well as technical competencies with its knowledge and skills.


This effectiveness profile descriptor is the main intake to the processes of recruiting and selection, career plan design, position valuation among others.

Design of Competency Modeling Packages

We developed content under the model of self-development aiming to each collaborator to close detected gaps through the evaluation of behavioral competencies.


These contents are tailored designed to the needs and particularities of each company and property rights of this belong to our client.


This methodology allows the demonstration of effectiveness of training as it involves the collaborator, manager and other labor surroundings.


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