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    Strategy planning tool that aligns perdormance to strategy, to fullfit...

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Balanced Scorecard

Strategy planning tool that aligns performance to strategy, to fulfill the vision, mission and direction of the company, with the purpose to facilitate execution of goals, based on the design of a strategy map which allows to monitor the horizontal and vertical execution, synchronizing efforts in every hierarchic level of the organization, to develop the required culture and sustainability of the results to a level of high performance, using the spotlight system to display the accomplishment of KPIs to every level of the organization.


The Firm developed a methodology (El Diamante de la Excelencia Organizacional “Una Propuesta Para Mejorar la Implementación de la Estrategia" [The Diamond of Organizational Excellence "A Proposition To Improve the Implementation of Strategy"]) through which your organization will be able to create and/or generate a culture of high performance.


The methodology will allow:

To define strategy focus of your business.

To define critical success factors.

To define strategy map.

To establish a prioritized project portfolio for reaching the path in focus and strategy map.

To establish measures and goals that will allow monitoring the execution of the strategy.

To align the strategy of different units or areas intended in the institutional strategy plan.

To synchronize strategies and projects of different units among them.

To align to level position intended in the institutional strategic plan.

To create an execution of culture.

Another of our added -value on this service is that we have a software (Decision Making Room - DMR) which allows you to automate and control the execution of the strategy in a friendly way and with information that is: key, simple, reliable, on time, controllable, solid, visual and accessible.


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